Jan 20 2011

Calendar Class Bug Fix, version 2.8 available!

Just released a new version (2.8) of the calendar class with a bug fix for those using the class on windows servers.

The windows platform does not support the %e (day of month) modifier to the strftime function. Instead, the modifier %#d must be used to achieve the same date format. Se the notice on the strftime function description page on php.net.

View the claendar.class.php project page for download or svn access to the new version.

Also, I would like to greatly thank Steffen MaaƟ for bringing this bug to my attention! Sorry it took so long to get it implemented.

Nov 10 2008

calendar.class.php updates and new version release

Just put up the new version of my php calendar class (version 2.7).

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Aug 11 2008

Calendar class start of month weirdness and PHP < 5.1.0

A couple of calendar class users have noticed a problem with the first day of the month when using the class with versions of PHP earlier than 5.1.0. The issue was introduced with the last upgrade when I switched to date(“N”) for calculating the day that the first of the month falls on. date(“N”) was added in PHP at version 5.1.0 so earlier versions will have this problem. The quick remedy appears to be switching things back to use date(“w”) for this calculation.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused people. I’ll have a fix in the next couple of days to address the issue fully.

May 9 2008

Calendar Class Bug Fix, version 2.6 available!

A couple of calendar class users noticed an issue with the feature for controlling the day that weeks start on. The class has been updated with a fix. The fix involves replacing the use of PHP’s data(“w”) with date(“N”). date(“N”) uses the ISO-8601 numeric representation of the day of the week. Days of the week are represented as 1 = Monday thru 7 = Sunday. This is different from the old behavior which was 0 = Sunday thru 6 = Saturday.

Since the new behavior could cause unexpected display if the user was unaware of the change, the old property for controlling this feature has been disabled. Use the new property $week_start to control this feature now! Using the disabled week_start_on property will cause an error message to be displayed!

The new version (v2.6) is available for download on the calendar.class.php download page

Feb 8 2008

calendar.class.php update (version 2.5) now available!

I have just released a new version of my PHP calendar generation class. This new version (version 2.5) implements some features users have requested in comments on this site.

You can now specify the starting day of the week. The calendar can be set to only link the days specified in the $highlighted_dates array and, you can now supply a formating string for constructing the links. The last feature allows you to integrate the calendar into sites and applications using Cruft-free URLs.

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